Standard Phone Card - Some jails allow the usage of standard phone cards. This is unusual but can be found in some prisons and
detention centers

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Inmate Telephone System Providers

There are many inmate telephone system providers. For your benefit, I have created a list of some popular inmate telephone service
providers. Many more inmate telephone system providers exist. Please check with the specific prison to find which system they are

  •    CBS - Correctional Billing Services
  •    Offender Connect - Formerly ITI Inmate Telephone & Inmate Banker
  •    Pay-Tel Communications
  •    Global Tel Link
Prison Inmate Telephone Service, Jail Calls, Inmate Telephone, Inmate Calls
Prison telephone services and systems are telephone systems used in prisons, jails, detention
centers and inmate centers. Inmate telephone services and systems are designed to allow
offenders to stay in contact with family and friends while serving their prison sentences. Many
inmate telephone services allow prison staff to log and monitor calls and telephone records,
satisfying the security policies of prisons and ensure safe communication amongst users of the
inmate telephone service.

By helping an inmate keep in contact with family, friends and legal counsel, inmate telephone
systems help inmates to solve legal problems, rehabilitate and maintain healthy communications
and relationships.

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learn all about inmate telephone services and systems.

FCC rules require that, when an inmate places a collect call, each
OSP must identify itself to the person receiving the call before
connecting the call. Each OSP must also disclose, before connecting
the call, how the receiving party may obtain rate quotations.
Additionally, the OSP must permit the receiving party to terminate the
telephone call at no charge before the call is connected. These rules
apply only to interstate (between states) OSP calls. Most states,
however, have similar rules for intrastate OSP calls.

Inmate Telephone System
What can an inmate telephone system do?
An inmate telephone system has the features of a standard telephone system, but adds the following telephone system features:

  •    Live phone call monitoring and recording
  •    Call number blocking (example: blocked calls to cell phones)
  •    Red flag telephone call alerting - can set up alerts to staff based on calls certain numbers
  •    Call disconnection and emergency remote inmate telephone system shutdown - riot protection
  •    Free calls to legal counsel, crises hotlines and public defenders
  •    Local and international calling

To maintain healthy inmate relationships and increase rehabilitation success, a new generation of internet based inmate telephone
systems, including video conferencing systems, are in development. Many of these technologies are already available for institutions to

What are my options to make phone calls from an inmate telephone system?
Making phone calls from jail using an inmate telephone system is similar to using a standard
pay telephone. The cost of inmate phone calls is usually set by the jail taking into account
maintenance and operation of the phone system. There are few options available to inmates
such as:

Prepaid Inmate System Phone Cards - These phone cards are valid for certain prison systems.
They are usually purchased at the jail and are cheaper then collect calling.

Inmate System Debit Phone Cards - Available for some prisons systems, you do not have to
prepay for these telephone cards, they are billed after use.

Collect Calling - Collect calls are the most common option for inmates. Collect calls are phone
calls billed to the caller. These are expensive and a prepaid or debit phone card is a cheaper

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